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wild thoughts

The morning of the 4th, I had 23 pages of this script. Written over the course of three days.

In the wee hours of the 5th, I have 50 pages. 27 pages written over the course of 18 hours. I'd call that a success. In addition to sketching out details for another long project, engaging in some thrilling last-minute scrambling for another opportunity, and other to-and-fro'ing, and it feels wonderfully, dangerously like 2011 all over again. (Especially since I haven't written a piece of theater since the fall of 2012.)

I've been a little sparse here of late, what with life intervening and all, and I actually think my writing has suffered for it. If I only write when I'm paid to, then that means I'm only playing exhibition matches and never practicing my jumpshot or my crossover. Feels like I've built (am building) something here. Also, it's neat to be able to keep track of days like today. When I'm able to write like my old self.
Tags: craft, stageplay, writing
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